"All Christians are Hypocrites"

All Christians are Hypocrites

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Do you allow the bad behaviors of other people to determine the way that you relate to God? Whether you believe in him at all, or whether you engage in the things that he says in his word or whether you become part of the church? You know, most of us would not say it that way, right? We wouldn't say, oh, yeah, I allow the words and actions of other people to dictate my life. But can I tell you something? We actually put that thing in code. And people will say is all Christians are hypocrites. Therefore, dot, dot, dot, and it determines my behavior. Maybe you've heard it too. All Christians are hypocrites. I've heard it from my friends who are outside the church.

They're not Christians and they've got reason for that. One of them being all Christians are hypocrites. And I've also heard it from my friends who are in the church on the outside. My friends who aren't Christians will say all Christians are hypocrites. Therefore, I will not believe the way that they believe they claim to know Jesus. But their marriage is a mess. Their finances are a wreck right there. They're violent or aggressive or addicted or can't hold a job. They're lazy or whatever. The list goes on and on, but under the banner of the name of Jesus. Makes sense. I could understand what's going on there.

On the inside of the church, you'll see people who who are Christians who claim the name of Jesus, but they'll have nothing to do with the church because there's a bunch of Christians in the church and that person got hurt somehow. They slandered me. They lied about me. They misunderstood me. Whatever it was. You can get a long list on that side, too.

The Bible says that there's at least two reasons why you would get this appearance of hypocrisy. The first one is just immaturity. You know this if you've ever known anybody that's tried out martial arts, maybe you know someone who has. You don't start a black belt. You started a white belt, you grow. Maybe you're trying to pick up an instrument. I remember when I was learning to play guitar. I play the D chord and it just didn't sound right. Honestly, it still doesn't. Right?

You grow into things and faith is no different. Immature Christians don't know what the word says, what God has said in his words, or they do know what it says, but they don't know how to live in the power and the freedom that is given to us in Christ.

Check out these bible verses Matthew 7: 21-23 or James 2 or Titus 1:16 or Galatians 5. And that's where it talks about people who claim to know Jesus. They claim to be Christians, but they're actually not. It's this idea that there they honor God with their lips, but their hearts are far from him. These are people who who think they're Christian. They present or say that they're Christians. They present themselves as such, but they're just not real. They're just not true. Very, very scary.  

My question for you is this which one of those to the immature person or the false person do you want to allow to dictate God's relationship with you? The answer to that should be neither, right? It shouldn't be the behaviors of either the immature Christian or the non-Christian.

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